Jazz Is The Answer

Most who loudly profess zen
are those whose thirst for explanation
was so unslakeable
that they gave up
and accepted no proof of eternal reward
of labyrinthine longings gone well
only intuition, like us,

The betrayal lies
In that most of them retain
their lust for battle,
and they know, yet they choose
to give in
to fatigue and disappointment
and they know, and they choose
to call it virtue or wisdom.

And they ask:
Since when do wisdom and calmness
go hand in hand?
The truly wise run about

destroying, for that is the proper reaction --

We would be better off
addressing Zen by its given name:
Or by digging respective amphitheaters
in cemeteries of choice,

resting comfortably,
"Well, You Needn't" all around:

—Nicholas Barnes