Anura lived in Sri Lanka until the age of eighteen when he moved to Long Island, New York to attend Adelphi University where he studied for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Languages and Liberal Arts. He graduated with cum laude honors and was inducted into Phi Alpha Theta National Honor Society. In 1997 he was awarded a Fellowship to the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University where he received an MBA in Finance and International Business. He has studied and worked in the United States, Spain, Germany, Italy and Sri Lanka and is fluent in four languages.

Alun Williams, also writes as maxwell allen and maxieslim. Born and bred in North Wales and is a fluent Welsh speaker. 54 years old and getting younger by the day. Member of Crittersbar, Zoetrope and Scrawl the writers asylum. Authors who have influenced him-Bukowski, Chandler and Salinger in particular. Had several shorts and poems published including Write Side up, Bonfire, Cambrensis, Blue Tattoo, Secret Attic, Twisted Tongue, Moonlit Path to name a few. Loves American noir fiction and dialogue.

Bee Wilder would suck a soul from right between the eyes and spit it on the page, had she bite enough or tongue. Lacking these, she makes do with reading and writing. Look for her at The Crossroads where she counts change from having overpaid her lifetime dues. She'll be carrying a sign saying, "Bag Lady In Training."

Beverly Jackson is a poet, writer, painter living in the mountains of N.C. Former publisher, editor, and widely published mediocre scribe, she is currently adopting dogs and trying her hand at trading options on the stock market. She's intrigued with those who believe in the Hereafter. She's intrigued with just about everything.

Brad Green's fiction has appeared in The Blue Earth Review, Storyglossia, elimae, Word Riot, Thieves Jargon and several other journals. He's currently at work on a novel. Read his blog at Elevate the Ordinary.

F. John Sharp lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio. His poetry and prose has appeared then disappeared, and now it appears again. One day he will have a web site you can visit. Meanwhile, he may be complimented at fjsharpjr(at)

Gavin Broom lives in the Scottish countryside with his wife and his cat. He has had work published in Espresso Fiction, Bound Off, flashquake, Fiction at Work, SFX and Random Acts of Writing. At the time of writing, he doesn't own a house at the beach. Further evidence can be collected at

Glenn Osborn is a freelance writer-designer-photographer who lives in Perrysburg, Ohio. The digital composition process he uses requires removing from each flower photograph all but the "essential" elements of the picture, leaving just the blossom itself. Individual flowers are then used to create a montage, which involves further manipulation of the images. "My primary criterion for a composition are color and shape of the flowers," he says. "The images are 'unreal' in that I pay no regard to such issues as the relative size of the blossoms, the season of their blooming or the location of their growth. What's important to me is the compositional concept: the compatible arrangement of form and color into the final image."

Helen Peterson is the managing editor of Chopper Poetry Journal out of New London, Ct, and has previously published in Fell Swoop, Gloom Cupboard, Tonomah Review, Cartier Street Review, Poor Mojo's, Wilderness House Review, Battered Suitcase, diddledog, Hiss Quarterly, Right Hand Pointing, Elimae, Haruah, Zygote in My Coffee, Pedestal Magazine (book review), Literary Fever, Debris Magazine, Images Inscript, and Poetrybay. Her work was also featured in an anthology put out by Poet Plant Press last Fall. She currently resides in southeastern CT with her three kids and German Shepard Pug mix, Teddy. For more information about Chopper, visit the Myspace page

Jennifer VanBuren is a Pennsylvania girl transplanted in Texas. She lives with her husband, three boys, one dog and an occasional lizard. She avoids house work with her roles as writer, editor and advocate for children with disabilities.

Jim Hamilton is an airline pilot residing in North Texas. Though still unpublished, he will, on occasion, create something nearly worth reading. When this is not the case, he is found smashing away at his modest home in an act he apparently believes is 'renovation'.

Jim Parks is a co-founder and editor of The Legendary, an on-line magazine of fiction, poetry, hard-hitting non-fiction and art. He is a newsman, deckhand, farm hand, hobo and truck driver. Keep him away from the firewater and don't mess with his food or his woman. Publishing credits include Wilderness House Literary Review, Fried Chicken and Coffee, Eclectica, Hackwriters, The Lone Star Iconoclast, The Houston Chronicle and other newspapers from California to Florida.

Jim Whalen lives in Norfolk, Va. He is a painter, poet, photographer, and Queer Theologian.

J. M. Munsil occasionally writes something that is true. Most of the time, though, he lies. Oh, wait! That's fiction, isn't it? But doesn't truth often emerge from fiction? Hmm. Then where that does that leave creative non-fiction? It's confusing!

John Myers is a developmental biologist turned poet whose work has appeared or will appear in ABJECTIVE, A cappella Zoo, Development, elimae, Ganymede, and Xenith. He lives in Missoula, Montana, where he hikes, teaches, and helps edit Cutbank. Visit Ineffectual Effigy.

Kathleen McCall is a freelance writer living in Northern California. Her work has been published in Literary Mama, Eclectica, Buzzwords, and Skirt! Magazine. Her book "Separate Dreams," a collaboration with artist Glenn Osborn, is available through Amazon.

Katie Moore is a mother, writer, and that order. Sorry, husband. Sometimes she dabbles in collage. Her work appears here and there, but she prefers to be vague. She is a devoted editor of The Legendary, a place for weirdos who write well to put their words. Send her an e-mail at katie(at)

Liz Haigh lives in Cheshire in the UK. She works at a university library which is her dream job because she loves books. Most of her published work so far has been in the form of book reviews which have appeared in Red, Prima, Woman and Home and regularly in Women's Weekly (UK print editions). She recently had a very interesting article published in Gardening Magazine all about English men and their garden sheds.

Nathan Tyree is a writer and miscreant from the wasteland of Kansas. His fiction and poetry has appeared in Gustaf; Word Riot; The Flash; Poor Mojo's Almanac(k); Flesh and Blood; Lines Written with a Razor and about 100 other places. He also helps edit Thirst for Fire.

Nicholas Barnes may be found at

Richard Lee lives in North Carolina with his wife, Kylie, and dog, Juneau. His credits include Cezanne's Carrot, The Dust Girl, and a human boy, the latter to be released some time later this year.

Rohith Sundararaman is a poet based out of Mumbai, India. A few months back, his poem was selected as the best in a contest judged by Marvin Bell. However, his best is yet to come. Rohith discovered Scrawl in the year 2005 and it was at Scrawl that Rohith went from being a poser short-story writer to a tolerable poet. He likes to read Murakami a lot.

Roy Scarbrough lives in southern Oregon and drives a forklift.

Rusty Barnes lives in Revere MA, and maintains webspace at

Steve Frederick dabbles in writing, photography, gardening, fishing and such.

Terry Pearce lives in London, where he writes educational materials by day and fiction by night, although no spandex is involved. Find out about him from his characters, who are paragons of his virtues. If you see anything in them you don't like, the inspiration was drawn from colleagues, family and friends. His work has appeared, or will be appearing, in The Legendary, Grey Sparrow Journal, Joyful, The Foundling Review and Clockwise Cat, among other places.

Tom Doughty is a graphic artist, a painter, a serigraph artist, a photographer, a page designer and a computer artist. He has had pieces included in national juried shows, several one-man shows and online.


David Bulley has published short fiction in Night Train, McSweeney's, Words & Images, Porcupine Literary Arts Magazine, Opium Magazine, and in many other venues. His novel, Weapon in Heaven, is forthcoming from Cavern Press. He owns and operates Scrawl: The Writer's Asylum, an online writer's community. (Publisher)

Deborah Rosenblum lives in New York. She has spent the last several years recovering from a terminal case of writers' block. She was published in the first issue of the now defunct Bastard Fiction, and the first issue of the now defunct Painted Moon Review. She swears it's a coincidence, not her fault. (Fiction, Non-Fiction)

Victoria Clayton Munn wrote her first book at age six, and shows no signs of stopping. She is a writer and poet who has been published in various online and print zines, including Poor Mojo's Almanac(k), Right Hand Pointing, decomP, The Legendary and more - as well as a chapbook "Two Lips". She lives near Albany NY with her husband and daughter. Visit her at (Poetry)

Robyn O'Flaithfhileadh hungers to live now. She is her favorite cook and within every dish is a dash of turmeric. She lives with a darling guy, works an imperfect job, and resides in a lovely old building in Brattleboro, Vermont on the corner of noise and more noise. (Artwork)

Caitlin James started her strange journey through life on this planet in Roswell, New Mexico. Some people who know her say "that explains everything." (Editorial Staff, Scrawlets)

Timothy Gager has been widely published in print and on the web. He has shared the stage with three Pulitzer Prize winning authors and was nominated for five Pushcart Awards in 2008. He's never won anything. Timothy lives on (Editorial Staff)

Sue Miller lives in Connecticut with an assortment of goldfish. She has been an editor for NFG and for Story Garden 6 and 7. She is one of the founding editors of GUDGreatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine. Publication credits include Night Train, APT, BLOW, elimae, FRiGG, Green Tricycle, Poor Mojo's Almanac(k), Right Hand Pointing, Thieves Jargon, Tryst, VerbSap, etc. (Assistant Editor, Design)

Kenneth Clark writes poesy and micro-fiction. A book of poems, "The Collected Histories Of Water" is available. His work has appeared in Night Train, Greatest Uncommon Denominator, and Poor Mojo's Almanac(k) among others. (Editor)