Old Man in this Bar

This bar is full of non-smoke,
this bar - is full
dust and dirt
even if swept, fill the corners of
this bar is where people sit
is where
lovers begin, exist,
sparks surge
or die, never start,
never kiss.
This bar is close to my home,
this bar
is close
to the next best friend
I'll ever want.
When I talk it listens,
it's home and

this bar has rotten fruit
in its trays,
rotten people and trays - of olives
I reach for,
a girl, I see
her olives are great,
i want
to taste
her drink
and neck
this bar
they say's, "a decent establishment"
and I want this bar
to talk,
to say,
please go
please leave
yer way.

—Timothy Gager