Bobby M. Aquitania is a Filipino artist raised in N.Y.C. since 1970. A graduate of the Parsons School of Design, his work spans both traditional and digital mediums. Currently living in Canada, he is the captive of a beautiful farmgirl (his wife Diane) who will someday teach him to sculpt and enjoy gardening!

Nicholas Barnes doesn't have much of a bio anymore, but you can go to his website.

Rusty Barnes is a writer and editor living in Revere, Massachusetts. He co-founded the literary journal Night Train.

A.E. Baxter is a film producer and freelance editor living in Austin, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas in 2004 with a degree in multimedia journalism. She blogs about tea for Tea and Tech. A.E. shares her home in Austin with her partner and her two mutts, Maggie and Molly.

Gerald Budinski is a retired engineer who now writes non-technical things as often as he wants. His short fiction has been published in Paumanok Review, Bygone Days, Story Garden, The Blotter, and Deathlings. A story will appear in the next issue of Eclectica. Inspirations may come from history, travel, weird science or just things that warp out from the daily news. He lives high on a hill in Western New York with his wife of thirty years, in the home of a West Highland Terrier named Hildy.

Kenneth L. Clark's body resides somewhere in southern Alabama but his head & heart are back in New Orleans. He writes fiction, poetry, and the occasional pornographic truck stop bathroom haiku. His work has appeared online and in limited print. He's still (still) working up the cajones to submit often and write more. A Texan by birth and a spontaneous traveler, he finds contradictions, subtle disagreements, and elements in opposition sexy. He has lost more fights than he's won and prefers backroads to highways when on his motorcycle. His heartbeat is the clack-clack of a streetcar changing direction.

Justin Crouse lives in Mid-Coast Maine with his muse, Angie, and four-year-old Wild Thing, Max. Justin is currently working on a collection of short stories and a novel. His work has appeared, or is scheduled to appear, in Heat City Review, Salt River Review, The Pedestal Magazine, Pebble Lake Review, Foliate Oak, Spillway Review, The Story Garden, River Walk Journal, Sweaterbrain, Lily, Thunder Sandwich, Flashquake, Verbsap, Unspoken Dreams, Prose Toad, and 3711Atlantic. He can be reached for comment at his website.

Nadine Darling is broke-ass and sick with love. Any information regarding the whereabouts of her keys is greatly appreciated.

Before Tom Doughty took up the written word, his creativity was expressed visually. He painted and printed serigraphs and textiles, created page layout and prepress. He had jobs in advertising and marketing and of course photography and videography. He thinks working with light, color and form is easier than writing.

Lisa Dyer lives in Colorado where she is ruled by kids, cats and various other creatures. Sometimes she even leaves her house. Her work can be found, among other places, at Insolent Rudder,, Opium, Story Garden 4.0, Espresso Fiction and HeavyGlow.

Samantha Graves is the pen name of a scribbler, storyteller, and poet who lives with her childhood love (who is now her husband) in California's South Bay. She writes prolifically, but publishes seldom, and while she knows that her words are only a smudgy window looking out onto her dreams, she strives with each story or poem to open doors and draw others into her world.

Uke Jackson is a playwright, musician and radio personality. He is currently writing a musical for the stage with Greg Hawkes, keyboard player for The Cars. Uke's website is

Jeffrey N. Johnson's stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Connecticut Review, Licking River Review, South Dakota Review, Potomac Review, Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature, and numerous online magazines. He's traveled extensively in Western and Eastern Europe, and has visited China, Thailand, Cambodia and Mexico. He's currently working on a collection of short stories and polishing his first novel, "The Hunger Artist". He lives in Alexandria, Virginia. Visit his website at

Carl Kennethson loves Nadine Darling, puppies, and pumpkin ice cream. If you've read his story, thanks!

Denise Kincy is a freelance writer from Texas. She can be contacted at Although she's written a middle reader novel and entered it in a Random House contest, has an adult book of humor being read by an agent, has numerous poems and essays to her credit, she still hasn't set up a web presence and should be horsewhipped.

Katie Kinsley travels a lot. An updated bio was unavailable as this issue went to press.

Tammy R. Kitchen lives and writes in Michigan. Her work has appeared, or is scheduled to appear, in Gator Springs Gazette, The Summerset Review, Pindeldyboz, and Ululation. She loves the air at 3 a.m. and wishes there were more thunderstorms.

Diane Labombarbe was born in Ontario, Canada and has been an artist since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She discovered writing at fourteen. Her scant free time is divided between writing, painting and digging through box after box of fabrics to create the large textile pieces that she enjoys sewing. Her artwork is in private collections throughout North America. The artist states, "Edgar Allen Poe inspired me. What I learned from him is that writing is as much about the art of creating atmosphere as it is about portraying events."

T.L. Lance lives in West Valley City, Utah.

Hannah Lermontov is a cultural journalist who lives in the west Kootenay region of British Columbia. She sometimes checks her email.

Antonios Maltezos wants to write one good cockroach story.

Mark Martin lives in Topsham, Maine near Merrymeeting Bay which is a great place for him to put his kayak. He enjoys riding around the bay on his bicycle or walking if there's too much snow. His office is a ten minute paddle to the Bay. His cat never visits the Bay. Mark's work can be seen in Prose Toad, Right Hand Pointing, and Unspoken Dreams.

Debbie Moorhouse is a British writer who also takes photographs. Some of her work can be seen at Alternate Species. She has a husband and a cat and suspects there's nothing left to wish for.

Mike Munsil was born in Chile, raised in Panama and now lives in Shenandoah, Texas. He is a geologist and environmental scientist, and has lived and worked in 15 countries in Latin America, and about 22 of these United States. His native-Texan wife and adopted sons try to keep him honest, but he writes anyway. Some of what he writes is true.

A. Ray Norsworthy is an automatic transfiguration conquistadorian living in the wilderness of Idaho. His story collection, Indiahoma: Stories Of Blues And Blessings, was published by Pend Oreille in April, 2002. "The Dance That Brings the Fire That Makes the Music" will appear in the new Prairie Dog 13. His short story, "Let It Shine," appeared in Night Train III. "The Psychic Friends' Network and Return of the Hidden Valley Outlaws" was published in the spring '05 issue of the Gator Springs Gazette.

Margaret O'Neal writes in the back woods of Georgia. She dabbles in several genres, and one tale has appeared in the premier issue of AE and another in Monday Night. Presently some stories can be found on the Internet at VerbSap, Cautionary Tale, Radiant Press, Underground Voices, and another will follow in a future issue of Subtletea. A part-time playwright, she has also had a one-page play performed in Buffalo, New York and once again in Rome, Italy.

A Dubliner by birth, Máire O'Reilly lives in Belgium. Years ago, she carried out ground-breaking research in foreign language learning, developed courses, taught multi-cultural communications, and published extensively in English and French. She moved into journalism and founded a company to analyse European press policies. She closed that in 1995, determined to reconnect with the joys of life. These days, she sometimes edits a newsletter for two popular American authors, occasionally teaches, and frequently writes fiction. Several of her short stories appear or are forthcoming in a variety of print and online journals.

Glenn Osborn is a freelance writer-designer-photographer who lives in Perrysburg, Ohio. He is a founder of Scrawl: The Writer's Asylum. His short stories have appeared in Melic Review, Writer Online, The Story Garden, Toledo City Paper, InkPot Review and other journals. Glenn operates a website design firm, His latest venture is, which sells silk scarves that incorporate his visual compositions.

Brent Powers is reported to exist by those who don't like him. His friends can't find him at all.

Mary Corinne Powers has serious issues, including lima bean phobia, a violent aversion to all things NASCAR, and unnatural feelings for Van Morrison, William Faulkner, and fresh whole wheat anything. More relevant information can be found in The Story Garden 5.

Brian Reynolds is a retired middle school teacher, artist, library clerk now living in southern Ontario after spending more than twenty-five years in the far north. His fiction recently appeared or is forthcoming in SmokeLong Quarterly, Insolent Rudder, Edifice WRECKED, Gator Springs Gazette, The First Line, Melange Magazine, FRiGG, Slow Trains, and Whispering Shade.

Shelly Rae Rich hides herself in the western North Carolina mountains where she likes to make things up and mix them with truth. Some of her delusions are found or forthcoming in print publications such as Opium Magazine, The Binnacle, and Duck & Herring Co.'s Pocket Field Guide, as well as online at Eyeshot, VerbSap, Heavy Glow, Skive, and Dispatch Literary Journal. Contact her at

Roy Scarbrough got the usual college degrees, served a long writer's apprenticeship in journalism, and then started making stuff up. He lives in southern Oregon where he is a laborer in a packing house.

F. John Sharp has published in print in Peninsular and Snow Monkey, and online in Pindeldyboz, Salt River Review, Paumanok Review, Flashquake, In Posse Review, and Quantum Muse, among others. His poetry appeared in the anthology, An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind, published by Regent Press. He has also worked as an associate editor for the literary journal, Night Train.

Drea Uzans lives in Nova Scotia with Clover the lucky four-legged kitty. Guided by the maxim that the unexamined life is not worth living, she equates writing with rubbing the grimy windowpane of the mundane with her shirt sleeve to view what lies within and beyond. She enjoys writing flash fiction for the sheer novelty of completing something.

Jim Whalen "I'm a seminarian with four part-time jobs. Sometimes I am a substitute school teacher, waiter/bartender, delivery driver, courier.... If that seems like enough diversity to spin me into an identity crisis, consider that I also write poetry, non-fiction, and fiction. In my spare time, I am writing a book that outlines how the Christian Church has erroneously made sexuality and spirituality polar opposites and offers the view that God created us spiritually and sexually integrated. I have shared 31 years of my life with my spouse Tony who keeps me honest."

Beth Wodzinski lives in Salt Lake City, and works as a software tester. In her spare time, she edits Shimmer magazine, and trains her army of evil robot monkeys. Her fiction has appeared in Bewildering Stories and Quantum Muse.

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